Editors Award - This can be judged on various things. Excellent article in the newsletter, volume of items given to the Editor throughout the year and amount of assistance received by the Editor in preparing the newsletter.

Longest Distance Travelled - this is awarded to the member who clocks up the most kms in a year when travelling on events. It is up to the member to keep record and is not judged on individual cars if that member has more than one vehicle but a total the member has travelled. It must be in a club eligible vehicle.

Graunch award - this would be the longest standing trophy in the club. It is judged each year by the winner of the previous year and is for the worst gear change made that the judge hears throughout the year.

Points Score - this can be won by members that have both full or social membership and is the accumulated score tallied over 12 months. Points are given for runs, meeting attendance and newsletter articles.

Outstanding member of the Year - This is judged by the President and the Dorothy Fawbert trophy is awarded to the person that he considers has given an outstanding contribution to the club in the previous 12 months. It need not necessarily be the person who has done a job each month but one who has helped in some significant way and made life easier for members.

Vintage 100 - this event is a 100 kms untimed run and members are required to answer questions along the route or at the lunch stop destination.

President's Run - members compete for the Leo Collins Trophy, the format and destination is decided by the Club president.

Motorkana - members compete for the Bruce Tweedie Trophy, this is a fun day of games held at a static site with the winner of each section accumulating points.

Wrong Way Linke Trophy - is the Hans Linke Trophy presented for either worst "wrong way" mistake or most "wrong way" mistakes made in 12 month period.

Rocker Cover Race Trophy - Harrison Auto Repairs.